Hillberg & Berk Necklace
Person wearing the Hillberg & Berk necklace, which has a golden rose tag on it for #notinmycity.
Lifestyle image of a person holding the necklace charms in their hand, which are a white ball, a gold rose tag, and two clear balls.
Product image of the necklace with a real yellow rose shown on the left hand side.

Hillberg & Berk Necklace

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Allies who purchase the Hillberg & Berk #NotInMyCity necklace can show their support in a beautiful way and use the necklace as a conversation piece to talk about the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The gold necklace features a long, diamond faceted Italian gold chain, an opal ball, a gold charm featuring the iconic #NotInMyCity rose, crystals and Hillberg & Berk’s iconic sparkle ball.

SIZE: chain length 32"
MATERIALS: Italian gold, crystals, opal ball, sparkle ball